Suzie Molnar-Ceramic sculpture

As humans, we perceive ourselves as an evolved species; but many of our actions push us further and further from connecting with each other and from our natural world. We are left to navigate life as individuals, alone in our bodies with our own minds separate from the rest. Each unique in our thoughts and feelings, but within this we are all connected. We all face burdens, responsibilities and relationships; we search for love, friendship and face the struggles of parenthood. Along with this labyrinth of uncertainty we must also consider how we fit in with the world around us.

My work focuses on the melancholy moments, those inner demons that cling to us as solitary beings. Exploring the human relationship for anxiety, fear, loneliness and the distance these emotions can create from others and ourselves.

Using figurative sculpture as my medium, I share my personal experience within feelings of isolation, awkwardness and detachment from others and myself. Though each piece evokes an intimate portrait to me; it is my suspicion that anyone can fall victim to the blight of solitude, a seemingly endless void, and that these trials differ less than one might imagine. By forming a bridge between my own hermitic struggles and others who share this, I am able to connect and soften the separation.